Thursday, November 03, 2005

You Take My Breath Away...

Who knew that Bryan Adams would be quoted here......
It was yesterday, when I went faithfully to my brother's blog, to find out the comings and goings in his life.....and it hit me.
He has a picture at the top of his blog that changes everytime you go for a visit; and yesterday it took my breath away......

It instantly took me back to the days we said goodbye. They were in May, but I can remember the wind ripping through me as I stood beside the graves.
I remember how the family minister took my arm, and told me, that now was the time I had to be strong for my family....and I could only sob.
So much has changed since then....but sometimes I still forget they are gone. I want to call with good news...or ask deep spiritual questions....or even get a recipe.
There are things I want accomplished before my father joins them. But, I am starting to think that my timing is not God's timing, and so I plead for my will and God's will to intertwine, to intermix and come out somewhere in the middle. Or maybe, for God to change my heart.
And He can.

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