Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tina the fat Lard 3, Robyn 0

Well, the pooping is not going as planned. I, with much confidence removed the litter from the bowl on Friday. She pooped in the bowl. Good Kitty.
Sunday however there was a not no nice present on the living room carpet. Poop.

We talked about it, made a new plan. Here is the plan....every time I left the house, someone was locked in the bathroom.

Monday, more poop in the bowl.
Tuesday, no more locking in the bathroom, we have conquered the poop. Tuesday night, during a prayer my house....poop on the carpet.

Wednesday, locked in the bathroom all day. No poop. Must be a stomach ache by now. I finally give in, and put a little litter in the bowl. Within two minutes of the added litter....poop in the bowl.

I feel defeated.
A cat is running my household.

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