Saturday, November 05, 2005

Small Groups.

Small groups tend to be an important part of today's churches. They connect people. They create interaction. The create community.
I, myself, shy away from them. I have tried a few....they have not been such positive experiences.
One idea, was to get all the single people together to create a small group. Oops...nothing in common (except the whole partnerless thing), it was not my cup of tea...or tapered jeans and slouch socks as it were. We did not create a community.
Another opportunity I had was to attend a get together with people who seemed to share more of my social interaction. I left the party, feeling alright, until the hostess seemed to spread some not so nice comments about me after my her guests. Okay, strike two.
Last night I went out with the youth sponsors after we "Jesus'ed" up our young charges.
We started out laying around the church lobby sharing, brainstorming, and affirming one another. We ended up at a restaurant at 2am, unable to act adult-like as our inner children took over. There was name calling, there was harassing, there were tears. There was also an attractive cop at 7pm (although Lyn and Mike thought he was more at 10:30).
We were six very different personalities, six different ages, three married, three single....and God has brought us together for a single purpose...and I am thankful.
They are my small group, although they don't know it yet. I am 33 years old, and I finally fit senior high youth.

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