Friday, November 04, 2005

Rise Up O Men of God

This morning as I sat here, sipping the wonderous nectar we call coffee, I read my morning news....some blogs.
And I am taken to my youth pastors blog, and I am reminded that he in his physical struggles, is only human. I then read the comments, and notice my friend Jay has commented as well. These are both men who have faced physical tramas, and who have come out on the other side, still serving God.
As my mind wanders, I think about my own father. Dad. My dad has been sick since around 1998. We thought that after a liver transplant, he would be better. It was not to be. He has gotten worse. Much worse. There is no cure. He will not get better.
He lives in a world of pain killers, oxygen tanks, and constant pain. This thanksgiving, he announced that his lungs are failing. As we all sit around the room in silence (because Friesen's struggle to show emotion) we look at each other questioningly, not knowing what to say....we know his days are numbered.
And yet, he has never questioned God about his fate. He does not complain, he wants us around, not shutting us out.
All these men have an opportunity to turn from God....and they haven't. I am humbled.
I think I need to go and read Psalm 139.

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