Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Power "assisted" Steering vs. Giving Blood

When I first purchased my little car, it was said to have power "assisted" steering. The assisting came from me.....and my arms, with NO help from the car. Well I got used to it, and apart from the three weeks in Edmonton where I drove a brand new car, I don't really mind my little accent....until today.
I have been feeling sick as of late, so today, I bit the bullet and went to the doctor. She ordered tests.
Now normally, I struggle giving blood,not for the poking, or the sight of blood, but because it seems impossible for any nurse anywhere, to find a vein in my arms. And today, because I have been sick for a few days, and not eating....you can only imagine the ordeal that I endured. I am convinced that in some countries my experience today, would be considered torture.
First, one nurse stuck a needle in my left arm and dug around for a while...when blood was not found she dug around some more. Did I mention the little blue piece of rubber tied tightly around my nice fatty upper arm, slowly snagging and ripping out little arm hairs with even the slightest movement.
Alas, she could not do it...and so she sent in the re-enforcements. An old nurse, who proceeded to dig into my right arm in the same fashion of the previous nurse. After much moving and digging and rubber hair removal.....she found a vein...and got her blood. At this time however she had snagged a nerve that runs all the way down my arm....ow, tingly.
So there I was, light headed, blue-and-tingly armed, trying to drive my power "assisted" steering.
It made a lovely picture.....
.....except for maybe the turns.

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