Tuesday, November 29, 2005

In the world......

There is a verse in the Bible that talks about being in the world but not of the world. I tried to find it, but alas, I had no luck.
In our youth group, we have been learning to share our faith, to talk about Jesus openly. Some of these kids aren't interested. It doesn't apply to them. They don't have any non-Christian friends.
Last night I thought about it, and I had to chuckle. To be honest, when I was there age, I might have felt the same way.....things change over time.
Last night I spent some time on the phone with an old friend of mine. We were in the same college & career together. We were sisters in Christ. We often sought Him out together. When I left on missions, she went and bought me a beautiful Bible.
Well, we moved on. I moved away. Her life got harder. Somewhere in there, she lost her faith. She replaced God, with a man of the week....and some weed. Last night as we talked, she smoked up,(pot), and she shared about the crap that is happening in her life (but was very giggly about it, for obvious reasons.)
I shared what I felt God was doing in my life as of late. My feelings, my hopes, my talks with God.
I am the only Christian that she talks to. I am the only one she allows in.

If only those kids could learn this lesson quickly. Someday you WILL need what we are teaching you.....just hold on to it...dont forget.

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