Sunday, November 27, 2005

God Speaks

Today was a day of listening and discerning. It started in church this morning, when I felt led to leave the service and find a quiet corner, to listen. God was heavy on my heart....or at least His presence was. And so, I sat, and was quiet, and He spoke....and I acted on His words....and I had peace.
Later on today, I was frustrated by a situation, and a good friend asked me what God had said about it, and I replied...."Oh, I dunno, I havent asked Him about it yet."
I sometimes forget how easy it can be to get answers from God, when we seek Him out. Sometimes I forget the incredible power that is available to me. God moves in his people, God speaks audibly. Sometimes in the prim and proper of it all, I forget.
Lately, He has been restoring me to a place of closeness. I am remembering prayer languages, and gifts that He has given. I am remembering the prophecies spoken over me....and I am excited...and nervous.
I wonder what's going to happen next.

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