Monday, November 07, 2005


God has been after me as of late. Not in a menacing, haunting, convicting way. He has been seeking me out. Letting me feel Him. Letting me know Him. Slowly, He, who created the universe, has been whispering into my soul. He is preparing me. He is ever so gently, changing my heart, showing me the reality of the future.
I remember back, about 8 years ago, we had a similar conversation. He whispered, I cried, I obeyed, and He granted.
It's an amazing thing really. Overwhelming.
I am scared. In my trepidation, I've turned to His words. I find myself pouring into the Bible. The Bible that onced belonged to my grandfather. It's pages soaked with yellow highlighter. Crinkled pages, that he poured over. Sometimes, I find myself just laying my hand on the pages, feeling the comfort within them.
God prepare me...for what I need to be, this next part isn't going to be easy.

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