Monday, October 03, 2005

The Stalker.

As I think back in my short life (I like to consider myself young, even though it seems really long at times) I realized that I am still friends with very few people that I grew up with, with the exception of my cousin.
I can count on one hand the number of people that I see from my childhood. One. Nadine.
Now its a funny story really, Nadine and I were seventeen when we met. We met while working with a music organization in California. I was from Ontario, she was from Saskatchewan.
After our stint was over, we tried to keep in contact for a while, but eventually lost touch, until....
I was in a musical in college in Manitoba, and who happened to be in the audience? Nadine
I was sitting at a dinner party in my early 20's with some people that I didnt know. After spending some time getting to know them, they looked at each other and said, "Nadine." I said, "Peterson?" and we were shocked to find out we were talking about the same person.
Several years later I came to Saskatoon, to visit my parents, and low and behold, Nadine was in town visiting hers....we had coffee.
A couple of years later, I moved to Stoon, from NC, and she moved to Stoon from Florida. We got together lots.
We tend to be too busy to see each other, although our intentions are different. We talk about it, but it usually doesnt happen.
On Friday, I was leaving the store, here in Edmonton, and who is outside the door? .....come on now, you can guess.....Nadine.
Apparently they moved here in August....something she forgot to mention to me.
Today is her birthday, and so we will get together and remember the past, and joke about the future, cuz that's what we do. She will pray that God finds me a husband, and then go up to the first man that she sees and ask if God has told him to marry me.....bless her heart.
So I gotta wonder, what God has in store for us, if our paths keep crossing....

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