Thursday, October 27, 2005


I feel the need to welcome Nadine to the comment area of my blog. As read previously, no matter how I try to lose her, she keeps finding me....and so I choose to embrace the stalker that is Nadine.
She is a good friend. She broke up with my boyfriend for me. Bless her heart...I didn't have the ability to fire people yet, so Nadine, the good friend that she the middle of Disneyland....told the boy who liked me, who had waited a couple of months to date me.....that it wasn't going to happen for him. I wasn't going to be his girl. Not gonna happen.
.....and she has been trying to find me a boyfriend ever since....yes even strangers. She is a determined soul.
And so in my embracing I tried to call her last night, and after a chorus of voices said hello to me (she was at choir practice) she was too busy to talk. She finally has me where she wants me.....stalking her...

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