Thursday, October 27, 2005

LOD Tracking sheet

One thing is consistent at work. It is the leader on duty tracking sheet. It holds our daily goals, our hourly actual sales, our measureables. It also holds all the associate breaks for that day. It is a very important sheet. There are five management in the store, and everyday, we take turns being incharge of the sheet. To be incharge of the sheet is to be incharge of the store, to have your hand in all that be the leader. Most of us carry it in our back pocket for easy access.
Today was my day with the sheet. The day was going well...people in their places, etc. I was running around busy, until I finally took a break to go pee.
So I went and took a nice little sitting break in the bathroom. I got up and turned around to see the LOD tracking sheet floating in the toilet.
(and this is where I decided how important my job was)
I had to pick it out of there. I was right besided the janitors closet, so I got my rubber gloves, picked up my paper, and walked to the little sheet dripping as I took much care to open it in a manner befitting of CSI....and recopy it.
And then Brian got his head stuck to a fly strip. Ah, we are a talented management team, are we not?!

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