Friday, September 30, 2005

Olive Garden...the Sequel

Well, after a few discussions with the district manager from Calgary (I call him Sexy Voice), he convinced me to return. He told me to call on Wednesday to let the general manager know when I was coming.
So I did....and she wasnt working. Hmmm....what to do.
I called Sexy Voice once again, and thanked him for the opportunity, but because she wasn't there, I would not be returning. I used my best, professional, yet compassionate voice for the phone call....with a little bit of sass. It was good. He didnt want to take that for an answer, so he called the restaurant to find out who the evening manager was not the JERK in question.
He made reservations for me, found my phone number at work and called to let me know. ...and so we went.
We were 15 minutes late, due to my friend Karen's late arrival from Saskatoon. I let them know who I was, and that was enough. I sat at the table with the best waiter, had the manager come over three times to appologize and ensure that I was alright. I had the chicken parmagean....mmmmmm. Karen had the three meat raviolli...mmmm.
They did their best to change my mind....and they did. I still have no use for JERK, but I really enjoyed my diologing with Sexy Voice........and the salad and breadsticks.......awesome.

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