Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Olive Garden.

So how do I begin. The sorrow fills my heart. What was going to be the dinner of a lifetime....turn into a nightmare.
....and my heart breaks.

We went to Olive Garden last night, and proceeded to be missed in the seating list. We waited, and finally I asked. Oh, well, they had forgotten about us. We were seated shortly after that.
We ordered our meal, not getting a great waiter....not helpful,not friendly, not smiling.
We ate, and it was okay, not the amazing experience that I am used to. We were both full, so we ordered dessert to go.
I pulled out my traveller's cheques to pay, signed them infront of the waiter, and even wrote my drivers liscence number on the back. He disappeared.
A little while later, the "customer service manager" came and told me that my signature didnt match. I resigned it, infront of him. He did not care. It matched, and he wasnt willing to take them. I yelled. He yelled. He made me pay another way. I have never been treated like that before.
"I do this for a living." I said, teaching people how to look for counterfiets...he didnt care. What a horrible experience.
I got back to my hotel, I called the district manager and had an adult conversation. He appologized. He said that's not how they do business. He was nice. We had a good talk. He asked me to come back for another shot....on him.I said no. He asked again, and I said that I would not go in there, with that man working there. He checked that man's schedule. I will be going there on Wednesday with a friend. My waitress for the evening will be the general manager of the store.
I guess we will see how it goes.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

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