Thursday, September 22, 2005

Is it stealing?

Okay, so I have been struggling through an inner battle as of late. I just dont know.
You see, in my hotel room, they have the most amazing bar soap I have ever experienced. It is vanilla with kiwi seeds in it for exfoliation. It is a little bar of heaven.
So, my first bar that I used, is still in the shower,and good for a while. The next day when I got home, they had placed another bar in the "soap" area.
Oh, I thought, I will bring that home......and so I put it in my suitcase. Now here comes the dilema.....if they keep putting it out, do I keep taking it? Is it stealing? ...or are they giving it to me...for my use...wherever that may be. I could accumulate upto 20 bars if this many bars constitute stealing? Is there a firm number. I have always taught my staff, that stealing is stealing, no matter the cost.......but arent they putting the bars there for me?
And so, this is what keeps me up at night......wondering, pondering.

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