Sunday, September 18, 2005


Last night I went back to the town of my upbringing. We were all there, my family. My father was strong and healthy, my mother had not a wrinkle....and we children, seemed just a bit more innocent. At first it seemed that we were going back in current time....there was a McDonalds half a mile down, which was never there before. Hey, we were happy to just have that one stoplight in the middle of town.
We were going back to a house that we all....even my sister in law, had once lived in. It was an old stone house originally built by a young husband for his bride, it came equipped with a walk in attic, stain glass windows and even a couple of bats. We had a good time.
And then I think back to last week. I had another dream. I dreamt that I was running an errand for work, and I met someone special. It was a fluke really, but he instantly made the connection with me....and I knew....this was it. I couldn't get enough of him. Hope springs eternal.
It amazes me, how our minds work. It amazes how real it when I woke up last week, I had to keep reminding myself that he wasn't real. How I woke up this morning, ready to talk about our trip with my family.....and yet, it never happened.
I wonder where dreams come from.

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