Monday, September 12, 2005

Do you Double Dip?

Yesterday I sat in church.....a church that I have started to become a part of...a healthy church that I enjoy....and so, I decided that I wanted to become a member.
As I read over the form...application form, as it were...I was struck by three words: baptism by immersion.
Three words I never contemplated before. Not the three words I "Shoes on sale," or "Death by Chocolate," no, they were about baptism.
I think back to the time of my baptism. It was the Christmas I turned 19. I had taken the classed a few years prior, but didn't feel the commitment I waited.
Finally my time came...and it was a significant experience. I was on Christmas break from college, and I was baptized by two important men in my life; my brother, and the man who dedicated me as an infant.
Because I was the only one who requested baptism, and because it was so close to Christmas, we opted for the pouring method, because in my mind, it is the symbol, not the amount of water.
I walked away from that day, at peace, because I had waited until I was ready. It doesnt mean that I didnt still screw up after that, but it meant that I came back....back to God.
So here I sit, fourteen years later, wondering what I should do. I don't feel that I need to get rebaptized to appease the church, and yet, I may miss an opportunity to belong to something...something great.
I don't know how strong the church feels about the issue, and based upon past experience, they have been a place of wisdom....not harsh judgement.
...and so, I sit....wondering....should I just double dip....even for them?

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