Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Satisfaction, not guarrunteed.

Are you like me?
If you are, you know that you find satisfaction in accomplishing very tangent tasks. Things where you can see an instant difference.
My house needs cleaning. When this occurs, I make a list....a long list. As I accomplish tasks on the list, I cross them off. When I am feeling overwhelmed, or tired of cleaning, I go to the list, and look at my accomplishments, I feel better, and I continue on my cleaning kick.
Last night, I needed to make my list, but I couldnt find any paper, so because we are in the computer age, I made a list on the computer. Easy access, and I could erase whatever task I had completed.
Not so motivating.
I realize that I need to see the items crossed off, not erased. I cant see what I've done, if its no longer there....and so, cleaning today, has not been a motivating experience. ( as you can tell, because I am writing a blog, instead of cleaning the office.)

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