Saturday, August 20, 2005

Premier Robyn F.

Well, I've decided to run for office.
I have two major platforms....two bills that need to be passed. The BBB, and the M2D.

The BBB: The Big Breast Bonus. Most of us are aware of Baby Bonus the mothers get when they have children.....well I propose the BBB. Because good bras are expensive and it is socially unacceptable to go to work without a bra on, I think that this expense should be covered by the government. I think that if you are a C cup or larger, you should get $114 bi-annually to purchase new bras. That would be two $50 bras plus tax. That should keep you well clothed, and covered. Now you would have to go to your dr. and get a note stating your cup size, but hey, I think it's a great idea.

M2D: Menstral two day. I believe that every woman should be entitle to have two days off a month, due to her period. There is discomfort and pain attached to this act of nature, and some of us suffer more than should be an option as well. If you can get a year off for having a baby, you should at least get two days off, because of your period.

If you vote for me.....I will do my best to ensure that the following bills are passed, and remember a happy woman, is a happy You.

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