Friday, July 08, 2005


I didn't know about London when I left for work yesterday morning. Didnt watch the news or listen to the radio...was in my own self-filled world.
I found out at work, and I prayed. ...for my sister-in-laws best friend who moved there a month ago...and usually follows that path to work....yesterday she didnt...she had made other plans...God's plans, I guess.
So I was relieved...working on my day, when was approached by two women...from the hospital. They needed to speak with one of my associates. Something bad happened in her family. Something she shouldn't have to bear. Something that is not her fault, but she will have to live with the consequences for a long time....forever.
I called her into the office, and stood in the corner, while the incident was relayed to her. I stood in the corner, helpless, as I watched her world fall apart.
As they tried to prepare her to leave work, to go to the hospital...I walked her to the front door. I didnt know how to I put my arm on her back....and right away, her little arms encircled me and I held her as I walked her out the door.
The only words I could muster, before my throat closed up, was "I'm praying sooo hard."
And off she went...her life, never the same.

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