Monday, July 04, 2005

the 19th

I spent the afternoon with a friend who has been called to Romania. As long as I have known her, I knew this would be her fate.
God has called, and she is Romania.
There, she will work in the nursery of an orphanage. She will take care of little children, newborn to two years of age. Most of these little lambs have aids, or hepatitis. For them,the outcome is not good.
Today she cried, something I rarely see her do. All along, she has felt God's call, and yet....these past days, doubt has entered the picture. She is still about $1500 short of her goal, and the gov't wont let her enter without that money.
She has been begging God for wisdom. "If you really don't want me to go," she says, "you need to let me know.....You need to provide."
She is tired. She is tired of putting God in a box, and doubting Him. She knows that He is able. She is weary.
So today we decided on a fleece. We will pray. We will pray til the 19th for God's answer, for God's wisdom, for God's strengh.
So, if you are a person of prayer.........pray with us. Pray that the God of all our needs will overwhelm her with the answer, and if it is to go, the funds, and the peace.


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