Saturday, May 07, 2005

Things you dont normally do.

So today was the day I stepped out of the box. Today I bought condoms for my brother. You see, tonight was his "man shower." He is 38 years old and two weeks from today, will marry his young bride. His friends, thinking that he deserved it, threw him a "man shower" (btw, his friends are mostly girls, can you tell...cas men dont throw showers)
And so today, I went and bought some tropical and also tingling condoms for him.
Not so well versed in the condom technology....I asked the pharmasist for help.
"There for my brother." I explained.
"Good for you!!"she said,"its so important to teach young adults responsibility."
"He's 38."
"Oh....I see."
"And please ring in the hair dye separately, it's for my neice and I don't want the condoms on her bill."
"How old is she?"
"Well that's not so bad, seventeen and buying condoms."
"Her dad's a pastor."
"Oh.....separate purchase, good idea."

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