Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Nub

In just a few short days, my brother will marry the girl that has made him blissfully happy this last year. He lives life like a new man, for that I am happy. He deserves it.
As we have lived near my parents these past years, my mother has always wished for us to find someone special to share our lives with, with one exception....when we get married, she IS NOT to be the candle lighter at the wedding.
In the beginning of the planning stages of this wedding, Jeff tried to honour that request, but eventually, it came to pass that the mothers would light the candles.
She was not happy about it, but at last agreed to light the flames.
Today my brother stopped by to see her after work, to show her the little clicky lighter thing that he purchased for the mothers to use for their light show.
It is a lighter that is gripped between the thumb and remaining three fingers on the opposite side, and the index finger is used to click the light....simple.......until we remember that my mother lost her index finger when she was 12, and only has a little nub left.....that doesnt reach the switch.
Ah....I have such a good family.

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