Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Being a Christian is EASY!!!!

So I went for a walk with a close friend last night....she needed to talk.
On Mondy night one of her colleagues dropped dead (literally) of a heart attack. She faced work the next day, with grief and frustration. She is a Christian, and many at her work, are not.
They asked her questions that day....the usually questions..."Why do good things happen to bad people?", "If there is a God, why would he let this happen?"....and so on.
How does she answer these questions? How do you go on, believing when every one else around you is pushing you to doubt?
As we were walking I started to question, who in fact, had started the rumor, some 50-100 years ago, that being a Christian was easy, and that nothing bad would happen. That is the biggest complaint I hear from non-Christians regarding my faith.....and so I assume that the rumor had to start somewhere. We have gone to great efforts in these past years to dispell that myth, but it is something that continues to re-appear.....
I have lived on both sides of the fence, and spent a great deal of time, sitting on the top....and being a Christian isn't easier.....I think being a Christian, is different in one aspect of life.....hope. At the end of the day the difference is hope.....and if you've never experienced a non christian wouldn't, then I guess, that is your answer. At the end of the crappy days this world will bring....I have hope.

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