Friday, April 08, 2005

Vanity run a muck

I took my very first car for my very first car wash experience this morning....just another step in the life of a new car owner. It was a good time, it took $3, and I forgot to wash the mats I hung on the wall, but all in all, a liberating experience........
I stood and looked at my car, my silver bullet, and for a moment, I was embarrassed.....and then I was ashamed that I was embarrassed.
I am a unique individual...I am confident in that....and I look at my little car, and I see sooo many identical cars out there, I am disheartened that it doesnt have it's own individual's not unique, it's not different....
....and then I am ashamed, because, many don't have a nice little car like mine...and I am torn between vanity and humility.....
I have never placed high importance in a's just a car does not have a name like Bessy or Lola, it's name is Hyundai....I do not treat it like my pet, like my baby, like a's just metal........but every once in a while, I wish it was just a little racier....a little different....a little unique.

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