Friday, April 08, 2005

well I arrived home 5 days ago, and have been fighting a stupid cold ever least I only got sick on the bus ride home.
Lots was learned for was a more challenging trip than I had imagined it would be....a struggle....a stretch assignment.
The thing that sticks with me....the thing that makes me smile?

On Tuesday, my bus captain (affectionately known as the tour guide) was talking to his wife on the phone, and told her that he felt that we hadn't had any challenges yet, and he was kinda bored....he thought that God would allowed more challenges for us.
....and then the day began.......
We had a kid who got really sick at Disneyland and had to be rushed to the hospital for an overnight stay...we had another kid who made a bad decision and was sent home the next day (at his parents expense)....and I along with my four teenage roomates, came back to our hotel room at 1am, to find it completely flooded. Apparently the toilet tank cracked and then emptied and kept refilling as it emptied, all evening long.....not a good scene...remember 5 women in a hotel room, you know that everything was on the floor.
...and that's when I knew that my bus captain had a good handle on prayer.....and I handed him my list.
Anyway, I am home, I will share more later......

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