Friday, April 29, 2005


Change is good. Change keeps us on our toes. Change.
I have this friend, who, when change occurs, she....does not do well....bless her heart. At the beginning and end of school years, she stresses....when change occurs, she needs to have a detailed plan of the changes...she is getting better though....much improved over the years.....I guess you cant stop change from happening.
This week I saw a mortgage broker and we discussed buying a house. I decided that I would move into a more expensive appt for now, with more to offer me, to get used to the idea of paying more per month, before I commit to a mortgage. I dunno, I just didnt have peace about buying. things would come together, like they do in the hand of God.....I found a new appartment....
I was driving around on Wed night, and I looked at a few appartments, but didnt feel at ease about the neighbourhood. There was a specific neighbourhood I want to live in, close to work, church and family. I looked thru the neighbourhood and found nothing...and ended up at my brothers, tired and discouraged.
He made a suggestion and I made a call...and ended up going to see a place exactly where I wanted....only to have the property manager tell me that she had nothing at all for me. I left the appartment complex, prayed and decided that if I couldn't get in to this place, I would quit looking for a bit. By the time I drove accross the city to my home, there was a message on my machine from her telling me that she had just received notice and there was a place for me....
So change is about to occur for me. I will have two bedrooms....a dishwasher, and insuite laundry (God IS good)...and am on the ground floor so my dad and my friend Jason can come over. I will leave my home of 7 years....I dont know if I have ever lived in a place for 7 years, even growing up....weird....I will leave my sideways river view and three flights of stairs.....and I will wash the wall where once during a young adult bible study all the girls in the group, measured our height on the bedroom wall....ah, memories.

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