Friday, March 04, 2005

My Debut

......if you are from Saskatchewan....the word "Telemiracle" means something to you.....a weekend of no good t.v. shows.
This year it means something different to me.
Telemiracle is a fundraiser put on by Kinsmen to raise money used to help people across the province. If you are in need of help, they are there.
When my father had a liver transplant several years ago, they paid for a place to stay for my mom, while my dad was in the hospital in Edmonton...for about 2 she could be near him. When his health has gotten worse, that he needed a hospital bed at home....Kinsmen arranged for that to happen.
So every year, people in SK raise money to give....and this year, we at Old Navy are no different. We have raised money, and as luck would have it, we GET to go on the air and present our giant cheque. And as luck would have it, I am the Community Action Program Coordinator for our store, so I GET to go on....lucky me.
So if you live in Saskatchewan, and are up between 11pm-12am, tune in to see your very own Robyn, spend time with Bob from Sesame Street, Tom Jackson, and washed up soap star, Gloria Loring......ah, my chance to shine.

(please feel free to read sarcasm throughout this entire blog.....)

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