Sunday, March 20, 2005


We sat around the lunch room today, talking about stupid things we had done.... and then someone shared this story.

She decided to have everyone over for Thanksgiving, her family and several friends. She likes to entertain.
She made a turkey, mashed potatoes, amazing gravy, stuffing, you name it. She also made brocolli with cheese sauce.
She had everything prepared except for the cheese sauce, so she set about to accomplish the task. She had it heating on the stove and added flour to thicken it......but it wouldn't set. She added more luck. After several attempts to thicken to uncooperative cheese sauce, she gave up and appologized to her guests that the sauce was runny, but fine all the same.
As they started to eat, she noticed some funny looks as people ate. The cheese sauce seemed a bit sweet.
It seemed she used icing sugar instead of flour.
Yum, cheese icing.

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