Thursday, March 10, 2005


"Do you have to make reservations, or call and let them know if you want to go to church on Sunday, or can you just show up?"
This was a question asked of me today. My colleague and I had just spent two and a half days in the basement of a church taking first aid and cpr.
Josh is a great guy....been to church once....his grama took him when he was four or five.
The teacher scolded him, because he didnt know the Bible story they were talking about, and told him he needed to read his Bible more. He told her to F**K off. ...and, so, was Josh's first experience with church.
He went back once, when he was a teenager, to get a girl...people there were weird to him, he left.
It is kinda fun, to spend forty hours a week with this guy. We get along so well, we joke, we fight, we support each others decisions, we call each other on the carpet....we do well together, we run a good team, a tight ship.
...and it's fun for me, to spend time with him, he knows of my faith, he knows of my life decisions, and he is cool with that.....he even looks for christian boys to introduce me to.
It's nice, cuz in thiw world of crazy Christians, who have freaked him out, to him, I am normal....and he can deal with that....and he can ask me questions....I like that.

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