Sunday, February 13, 2005

My little space

So I took some advice from my sometimes wise brother, and I decided to move into the little space where God lives in my heart.....follow along if you will.
It was alright at first, pretty restful, peaceful, good.
Today I decided to make a bit more room for some of the stuff I wanted to have move in there with me........and I came upon something I thought I had gotten rid of..a long time ago....hurt. Hurt from a situation 10 years ago. I thought I had let it go, I hadn't.
So I tried to bring it along with me....I couldn't fit it thru the door. ....and dont think I didnt brace myself against something and pull with all my might...I did.......I cant get back in....with this thing, this hurt on my back.
So my question do you do you forget.
People say that forgiveness is a choice, and I agree to some extent.....but I thought this was over....apparently it isnt.
Is forgiveness a constant thing that I have to continue with, or when does it go away.....
.....what's the deal?

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