Sunday, February 06, 2005

God is dealing

God is dealing with me. He has been for a few days, working through things, finding His answer in me.
He has been trying to get a point accross to me....for a long time I suspect....and yet I think I may be catching a glimpse of what he is trying to say....but it's not quite clear yet...
I sat in church this morning, and God was very much heavy with me.....I needed to escape, to be in the quiet of the day to explore what I think He is after church lunch with friends for me today.
So God, what exactly are you saying to me? You keep placing on my heart things from the past, things from you. I know you are trying and trying to show me the big picture, but it's taken me a's still hazy, fuzzy, unclear.
I struggle. I strain.... trying so hard to get it....keep after me...keep going, I'm almost there.

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