Thursday, February 24, 2005

148 Pairs of Panties

In the corner of my room, sits 148 pairs of panties.....and I am excited. .....and I suppose some of you would be too, but maybe for different reasons.
The youth group at my church is going to Mexico this spring to work in an orphanage.....a noble cause I must say.
As I was talking to the youth pastor a while back he told me a story of his last visit. It seems that the children in the Mexican community (not the orphanage) get sexually abused quite frequently.....when locals were asked about this horrible tragedy the responded by stating that so many children run around without underwear, they must deserve this fate.
I was speechless....which is not like I set about on a task.
Every pair of underwear that goes on sale really, really cheap at work, I buy. Every single pair.....and I work at a large store. Everytime an employee sale tags any underwear, I get a call on the walkie talkie...."Robyn....more panties"
Today I bought 19 pairs for cheap......and my panty total continues to grow.
And sometimes I just sit and look at the bags, shoved in the corner, and I am so excited.....and amazed, that in this world, this is what might make a difference.
What is this world coming to?

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