Sunday, January 23, 2005

White Noise.

I feel like I've been surrounded by white noise all weekend. Everything is happening around me, my "plate" is full.
All I want is a day off, to recover from my two days off...spreading myself alone time.
I need to do laundry.
That was my intention today...I came home early from a family dinner to do laundry...instead, I crawled into my bed, and lay there, in the quiet (although my cat kept interupting me)
This week is no between my parents and my place, packing clothes, fulfilling promises made.
I am tired.
...and yet....not weary.
Lately I just keep saying...."God is God." He knows what will happen in my life in my future.
And so, when dreams creep into my heart; I am trying to push them away. Instead of writing my own future, I want God to do it for me.
In the mean time, I have much to do.
My mother flew to be with her brother yesterday, it seems there isnt much time. Her heart breaks, and so we, her children step into her shoes while she is gone....and they're big shoes, bless her heart.

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