Thursday, January 20, 2005

When speaking about the two Mary's at Jesus' death, Max Lucado in one of his books, says this:

"There was a time when they dared to dream such dreams. Not now. It's too late for the incredible. The feet that walked on water had been pierced. The hands that healed lepers had been stilled. Noble aspirations had been spiked into Friday's cross. Mary and Mary have come to place warm oils on a cold body and bid farewell to the one man who gave reason to their hopes.
But it isn't hope that leads the women up the mountain to the tomb. It is duty. Naked devotion. They expect nothin in return. What could Jesus give? What could a dead man offer? Teh two women are not climbing the mountain to receive, they are going to the tomb to give. Period.
There is no motivation more noble.
There are times when we too, are called to love, expecting nothing in return. Times when we are called to give money to people who will never say thanks, to forgive those who won't forgive us, to come early and stay late when no one else notices.
Service prompted by duty. This is the call of discipleship."

It kinda makes you think, hey? I'm glad Sunday came.

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