Thursday, January 27, 2005


So....maybe I was wrong, but I kinda went to bible study to look around, to get to know some new people....try and get involved...maybe meet a guy or two...nobody took an interest in me. I felt invisible, except for the few friends I have aquired at this church. Okay God, I get your message, dont go there to meet men, I go to meet You, I get it. I am frustrated with your choice for my life, but...I get it. I dont understand it...but, once again, I get it. I am putting myself out there, getting to know new people...but, once again, not anyone's choice for an interest. I recently told someone that I gave up on men, that forget it, I will live alone with many cats....but I guess I recant, because sometimes in life, you just want someone to be there, to help you deal with the day to day that YOU dont always have to be the strong one. YOU dont always have to put the brave face forward. Someone you can lay in bed with at night,when you have the weight of the world on your shoulders and there is comfort there...someone to shoulder the burden., I come home...walking down the hallway, when a neighbour of mine compliments me...."I've been meanin to tell you........I really like your hair."
Ugly, mean people find spouses all the time.
I wish I could have coffee with God, and we could sort this thing out once and for all.

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