Sunday, January 16, 2005


So tonite I came home from singing to old people, to find that there was someone parked in my, okay, it happens, but, when its -51, you need to plug the car in, and somebody's gonna have to move.
So I followed the cord, and I found the outlet for another apt. I went there, and said, nicely, you are in my spot, and I need to plug, in, and she said..."oh, yeah, .....well, someone's in my spot, so I guess let me know when you want me to move." So I said, "Okay, I will go call the caretaker, and we can get the person out of your spot." So I did.
We went outside,me, the girl and the caretaker, and found the cord attached to that car....and went to that neighbour and told her to move...nicely.
So this had been 20min that I was supposed to be getting my hair dyed, and she took it. The 3rd neighbour went and moved the car right away, and so when I came home to park....2 HOURS LATER....the car was still in my, so....did I do this for nothing????
So again, I had to go to smart girls appt, and tell her to move her van....she seemed a bit surprised....."oh, okay."
.......did I miss something????

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