Monday, January 17, 2005

Pam's got a boyfriend.

I have this friend Pam. We've been friends for about 5 years now, give or take a year. I hired her as as employee, and found we had a lot in common, including family. The bond was set.
She is younger than me. Ten years to be exact....I dont usually think of that though. Infact, most of the time, I expect more out of her than others her age. I am hard on her. I dont know why, love maybe. I am not afraid to tell her when she is making bad choices....and I don't always use friendly words either.....but I promise to stand beside her, and love her unconditonally, cas that's what you do....when you're a friend ....that's what she does for me.
Anyway, Pam's got a boy. She pointed him out to me in church two weeks ago, and what do ya know...but now....they are a sickly sweet sort of way.
A lot of other girls at church liked him....and now those girls aren't being very nice to Pam.....that bugs me. Build a bridge, get over it. In the words of one of my favorite books....."He's just not that into you."
...anyway....there is joy.....and giddy-ness....cas Pam got a boy.

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