Tuesday, January 25, 2005

My Tropical Paradise....I think I'm back in Brazil

I am sitting here, late at nite. I can see the streets are busy with lights from my window view. My window is open, the fan is going, and I sit here in my summer p.j.s.
The bed reminds me of the bed I slept in when I was in Brazil....kinda a cement floor feel, with a blanket on it.
The toilet is different than most I am used to.
The food, not bad, not what I am used to eating now, but that's okay. The neighbour keeps making noises that I hear through the wall........

Kinda sounds like I am on vacation right????

Um....hehe....I am taking care of my dad, while my mom is outta town. It's the middle of winter....he just likes it hot. The bed....a bench with a mat. The toilet...a handicap one, up real high, so my legs dangle off......and the neighbour's noises....my dad coughing and groaning as he tries to sleep in pain.

...the first one sounded better didn't it....I am glad I have a great imagination....I think I may just go make myself a lime margarita (actually cold water in a green glass)

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