Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Today is Christmas for me.....I woke up this morning, with joy in my heart, and there is excitement in the air.
Today, my Gwen comes home for a visit.
It's not that she brings me presents (however there will be some surprises), and its not that she is fat and wears a lot of red, (however I would consider her jolly) its just that she is so important to me, my life can't help but stand still.
She is my cousin, my friend, my confidante, my cheerleader, my truth seeker, my "asking the hard questions, and pushing me the right way, when she needs to"-er.
....and today she comes to visit.
And so today, you will find me cleaning, getting ready, preparing the meal.(chicken, not a cow)...for my prodigal has returned.

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