Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Hairy Face

My cousin loves peel off masks....me, not so much. For Christmas this year, that's all she asked for...a peel off mask, and so, she got it.
Last night on a trip to Walmart, I bought myself the same peel off mask I got her. It was my way of spending time with her...a little weird I know, but hey, she lives really far away, and I dont see her much.
Late last night, I decided that I couldnt go to bed, until I had done this thing, so I slathered the thick goo on my face and waited for the drying.
....and then I remembered.....
I HATE THESE THINGS...they hurt!! ...as I peeled off the little pieces of dead skin and grapefruit peel....the little tears filled my eyes, and I thought....you ARE an idiot....

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