Friday, January 14, 2005

Grown ups

So my niece called me last night and asked if she could stay over tonite for nite. She has an exam in the city tomorrow, and needed a place to stay.
We had an interesting night, interesting because we were more like two girl friends hanging out.
We started out by hanging out at the mall, drinking our Chai lattes, looking at shoes and lingerie. We went home changed into our work out clothes and she was a sport and came to my gym with me...we worked out for an hour.....
...and I dont know what she thinks of me, but it was kinda cool...being friends, peers...(okay I know I am a bit older than her)....still...I remember when she was so tiny, and her little lip would stick out before she would burst into tears, or when she was toddler, and she would sit on the toilet with her little legs dangling as I would be getting ready for dates in the bathroom.....asking me questions of life.
....definitely some interesting stuff.

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