Monday, January 24, 2005

Death Watch

I miss my mom....but then again, I guess she is busy; busy watching her brother die. Comforting the children, holding the wife, and squeezing the grandkids. My mother is a comforting person. She can hold you, and for a moment, you feel okay, safe.
I was talking to my dad tonite, and he said that she said that it should be soon now, death, I mean.
And its weird, because I know what that means now. I know what to expect when those who are leaving this earth, slowly let go of their bodies. To watch the breaths slow down and become shallow. To watch the peace slowly enter the room, and the grief rip and tear at your heart...and yet a sense of relief, because you know, its finally over.
I went to work a good mood...having fun, laughing, joking, teasing...and yet somewhere a part of my life is changing....not so much mine, but those around me, whom I love.
Life goes on....I learned that last year, and no matter how difficult it is, it just keeps going and going.
And so I say again....God is God...and I am glad He knows what He is doing...for me, that's where the comfort lies.

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