Thursday, December 23, 2004


I have this clock in the doesnt keep time. I believe it's been 10:50 for a few months now. I asked for a new clock for Christmas, we will see what I get.
As I lay in the bathtub today, (warming up from this frozen tundra land) I found myself staring at that clock...wondering what it would be like if time stood still. I wonder what it would be like if we could turn back time (insert Cher song here.)
I have made plenty of mistakes in my life...more than I care to admit, but I dont know how many of them I would give up for perfection. I've learned too much from them.
I have loved plenty of people in my life...more than just romantic love..... and had I known the future would I have loved them the same? I don't know. Do I regret? Yeah, sometimes, but still I find myself unable to say I would change things.

How we live, creates who we are. What we believe, determines our future.

I've learned this year that I need to take every opportunity to make a difference in someones life...lives. Someone wise once said "You should leave people better than when you found them." Very profound, a wise woman.
And so I only hope that I can make a difference in your my ramblings, in my my love.

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