Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Smell

Last year, about this time, I received a phone call...it was my grama. She called and asked if I could go to the store and buy grampa some cologne for Christmas, because she couldn't get to the store to buy him any gifts. He was sick, and she didnt drive.
I went to the store, and began smelling all the grampa smells I could find. After much testing and the beginning of a headache, I chose a nice musk. I took it home and wrapped it, and gave it to grama to give to grampa...she slipped me $15.
She gave him the bottle for Christmas, and I can only imagine how pleased he would have been...because of the gift, and because we snuck around behind his back ...it didn't take much to please him.
That Christmas I distinctly remember him saying, that he didn't know how much longer they would be around...little did we know it would only be a few short months before they would both be gone.
After they died, we cleaned and cleaned (and cleaned, and cleaned), and I came accross the bottle of cologne, just barely used. I took it home. I wear it for special occasions, or just when I want to think of them.
Christmas week will mark seven months since they have been gone, it is so hard to believe. Sometimes I still forget. I wore the cologne today, and today, I smell like grampa.

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