Thursday, December 09, 2004

Okay, I need to say this:
I am gone for at least 9.5-10 hours a'd think the cat could chew on the Christmas tree while I was at it doesn't piss me off so much when I get home....Bad Andy.
For the rest of you who just joined me....I have some news....are ya ready? drum roll please:

Today, (Randall sit down) I bought....a new.....COMPUTER. I know, mouths all over the world are dropping open. Children are running in fear to hide. People who are still listening to A-tracks are wondering if they could have it. I know you are all wondering what it's like....well....It's Black!! Pretty cool hey?!
That's all I remember, because when I ordered it, Dell was having a fire drill...and we had to hurry.
It is coming to live with me soon, and I will miss this old piece of crap that I have working on for 7 years....
...memories, from the corners of my mind, faded water coloured memories...of the way...we were.

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