Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I love U2

The other day, I went shopping with a good friend (the same friend who will get off the sofa during cramp week to take the "dizzy" me to the hospital.)
So off we went with our shopping cart in Walmart, picking out junk, like we usually do. She has a it were. She finds things she likes, puts them in the cart....and as we get closer to the cash desk...she starts by picking up each itme and saying, "Okay, do I NEED this?" then she buys it anyway....and to be honest, I rarely think that she NEEDS most of it. So, again, she started her ritual...and I just laughted, and said, "I love you. Every time it's the same, and I love ya."
Later that evening we were watching t.v., and I was looking at a flyer, not really paying attention to her. She said...."I love you too." I looked up and smiled...only to realize that a commercial for the new U2 cd was on, and she actually said " I love U2." sad for me.

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