Sunday, December 05, 2004

Horrible Customer Service.

Well, Christmas has begun.
Today, I had a customer get angry because at work, it is our policy to only hold merchandise til the end of the day. One of my staff tried to explain it to her, and she didn't quite understand, or wouldn't understand. And so, she wanted to speak to a manager. And I approached....with a smile.
She wanted to put this on hold. I explained the policy. She was angry. I suggested an alternative. She got angrier. I kept trying to explain the reasons for this policy, and that it was not my place to change the policy. She said that I should do her a favor. I said, that if I did a favor for her, I'd have to do it for everyone. She said she wasn't waiting in that "two hour" line. I explained that the line wasn't two hours, because I have timed it in the past. She yelled that we needed more tills....(we have seven, more than most stores) She yelled that she was getting company, and she still had grocery shopping to do. I gave her an alternative. And then she started using my name..."Robyn this" and "Robyn that"...... and I thought....(I know my have my you like my name?) So I told her the company's 1 800 number and told her to call and let them know the frustration with their policy....she asked me to write it down....cas it was too hard to remember 1 800 company name. I did....with my name "Robyn" on the bottom.
Merry freakin Christmas.
And you wonder why I hate Christmas. Like, I like the baby Jesus and all, and I get the meaning....but, last I checked, no one called me to ask me how many tills they should build into the store....and I don't think,(and maybe I am wrong) that it's my fault that she had company coming, and the groceries weren't bought....(cas nobody gave me the shopping list)
And so it begins....and if you are a Christmas shopper reading this....take a moment, breathe, realize that the kid at the till was just hired for Christmas and is learning....and realize it's not the managements fault that your groceries aren't bought.

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