Saturday, December 04, 2004

Hey BudS....the Bank's not so bad.

Been thinking about your comment all day. I did spend one New Years eve at "the Bank," and I gotta say, it was my best New Year's so far....and I still have the pic to prove it.....ah, I was a bar star then.
I dug that pic up tonite, and remembered the evening....I was with a good friend, that night.
I wonder what ever happened to him. Last I heard he was getting married. He was an awesome soulmate I think, but just with different values, different priorities.....always a place in my heart for him....even named my cat after him.... know what my cat's name is BudS?...cas you know about the Bank...nobody knows about the Bank.....and you know about my "happy top"....(which has since been retired, btw)...I wonder how much you really know.

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