Thursday, December 30, 2004

The Dance

There was once a song by Garth Brooks called the dance....I loved that song. It was mine and a boyfriends "song" and well, since he was a jerk, I don't listen to it much anymore.
I experienced a new kind of dance yesterday. It was like I was living a slow-motion spin around the dance floor of my car.
Now if you have been following the "driving life of Robyn" you will know that I am new to this driving scene, and slowly gaining confidence in this new area of my life.
Yesterday, I was on my way home from the dentist (um, where she accidentally broke my tooth off..another story altogether) Someone cut me off, and so I applied the brakes, not harshly, but evenly....and found myself losing control. I was still going at a good speed, and so I tried to change lanes, I guess...there was black ice, and I completely had no control of my car. I travelled through three lanes, and doing a 360, then a 180 (so a 540) entered the opposite lane of traffic. Now ordinarily there was a median there, but there was a break in it, so I sailed nicely through the oncoming traffic and was facing the opposite way in which I started.
There was significant traffic, and yet, no one hit me.
It was the weirdest thing, there was nothing I could do, so I just sat there, tried to relax, and know that I would be hit......and yet....nothing....I kinda felt God just holding me nicely in my seat.
Once my heart started again, I slowly drove til I could turn around (to face the right way again) and proceed home at 20kph.
And so I say with all my heart....."IF YOU ARE THE FREAK IN THE RED CAR WHO CUT ME OFF......I'M COMIN AFTER YOU...FREAK!!!!!"

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