Saturday, December 11, 2004

Christmas Spirit.

Okay, so I think that we have established that I, as a rule, don't really enjoy the whole Christmas season.....but today, my perspective was changed.
It's the second last wkd before Christmas, and I actually have the whole thing off. Pretty hard to believe, I know.
So I got up earlier than I wanted to make a much needed appt with my hairdresser. I had to go and confess that I had gone blonde (not by her hand) (as if she didnt notice my yellow little head when I entered the salon.); and I had to let her see my "at home" haircut. She is a busy woman, and its difficult to get in....and sometimes one has to take matters into their own hands....
Anyway, the haircut complete, my errands done, I walked back to my car to find a ticket on the windsheild. Not cool. I think my meter ran out by about 5 minutes. A few cars away, stood the ticket man. I said not a word, but picked up my ticket and made my way to the car. ...and then I heard the voice...
"Hey," I looked over, and he motioned for me to go and see him. When I arrived, he put his hand out....I gave him the ticket....and he crumpled it up and said, "Merry Christmas."
I did what any girl would do, I smiled coyly, tilted my head, slapped his arm, and said, "Merry Christmas to you too!"
.....and if that isn't enough Christmas spirit....when I was sitting at a red light today, a man walked up to the front of my car, unplugged my blue extention cord that I had been dragging all morning, rolled it up, and handed it to me through my window.
Hey.....I am my mother's daughter.

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